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Home Suite Home is the solution that allows intelligent management of the home, thanks to WAND.

WAND is the personal assistant, entirely designed by HICS in its research laboratories, which manages a wide range of devices of various brands, for the home or office. Fully customizable, WAND offers a user-friendly interface to adapt to your needs and preferences. The configuration does not require technicians, but only you: WAND recognizes you, enables you and guides you in a few simple steps.

Our goal is to make your life more comfortable and your days more efficient, thanks to intuitive and customizable technological solutions.

Sonoff is the range of home automation devices famous all over the world for their reliability, ease of use and cost-effectiveness.

In the special section dedicated to the well-known brand of home automation products, all the Sonoff products are available, the result of the innovation of ITEAD, the undisputed world leader in the Internet of Things (IoT). The mission of Sonoff is to “simplify innovation” by providing accessible, high-quality technology.

Devices by Sonoff are compatible with over 80 IoT and Smart Speaker brands such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit and meet the needs of a smart environment within everyone's reach. The devices can be managed with the e-WeLink app, used by over one million users. Sonoff devices allow you to control the surrounding environment simply with your smartphone, combining convenience and creativity.

eSticky is a digital post-it, the result of a European research team, led by HICS s.r.l, ideal for people with memory difficulties, keeping their autonomy alive.

Through a network of displays positioned inside the home, it shows the user commitments, appointments and provides valuable reminders for taking medications and dietary advice. The innovative solution offers valuable daily help, focusing on the simplicity of use and the effectiveness of the reminder system.

eSticky is a tool designed to support and make life easier for people who struggle with memory problems by strengthening their independence.

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